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GE Commtest products provide vibration monitoring solutions for a wide range of situations and industries. Our key products include the SCOUT / vbSeries and vbOnline instruments, which are all compatible with our award-winning Ascent vibration analysis software.

Ascent Software

Ascent is available in three levels, each providing greater benefits and more advanced capabilities. Using Ascent in conjunction with a portable SCOUT / vbSeries or permanently-mounted vbOnline instrument, your company can effectively monitor the condition of your plant equipment with unprecedented accuracy.

Portable Solutions   

Our portable solutions include the:


GE Commtest online solutions include the:

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Vibration Monitoring Solutions

GE Commtest portable solutions include data collectors, vibration analyzers, and balancers. Flex feature upgrades and a remote communications system are also available.  Find out more >>
Our permanent online solutions include the GE Commtest vbOnline permanently mounted vibration data collection system and the Bently Nevada 1900/65A online machinery protection system. Find out more >>
Our wireless solutions include the GE Commtest Ranger Wireless System. Find out more >>
Ascent provides comprehensive data analysis and archiving capabilities that are integral to the Commtest vbSeries instruments, vbOnline monitors, and the Ranger wireless system. Find out more >>

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When you purchase a Commtest product, it includes free lifetime email and phone support.

Additionally a wide range of support material is available, including FAQs. There is also a Training section which includes Product Guides, Hot Topics.

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