GE Commtest solutions include portable vibration analyzers, data collectors, and dedicated balancers, as well as permanent machinery surveillance systems - All compatible with the sophisticated, user-friendly Ascent software.


GE Commtest products provide vibration monitoring solutions for a wide range of situations and industries. Our key products include the SCOUT / vbSeries and vbOnline instruments, which are all compatible with our award-winning Ascent vibration analysis software.

Ascent Software           

Ascent is available in three levels, each providing greater benefits and more advanced capabilities. Using Ascent in conjunction with a portable SCOUT / vbSeries or permanently-mounted vbOnline instrument, your company can effectively monitor the condition of your plant equipment with unprecedented accuracy.

Portable Solutions   

Our portable solutions include the:

Online & Wireless

GE Commtest online and wireless solutions include the:

  • vbOnline system - A permanently-mounted vibration data collection solution which remotely monitors the health of your critical assets 24/7.
  • Bently Nevada 1900/65A machinery protection system - A simple, compact, multi-functional, and cost-effective solution for monitoring selected machines or points.
  • Ranger Wireless System - An advanced wireless machinery health information system for permanently mounted or flexible mobile installation.