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Contact Us

There are several ways to contact us, depending on what you require.

Orders / Sales

Contact the Commtest distributor closest to you for information on acquiring Commtest Instruments and accessories:

Technical Support

For technical support, please email or call us:

Toll free: 877 582 2946
Toll: +1 832 266 1959

New Zealand:
+64 3 943 0700

Returns & Repairs

If your local distributor or Commtest Support has advised you that you need to send your instrument in for repair, it is essential that you complete ONE of these Return Material Authorization (RMA) forms. 

Please contact us prior to shipping so we can give you your returns number. Once you have received your returns number, please add it to your RMA form and include your completed form with your shipped instrument:

IMPORTANT! It might NOT be necessary to send your instrument in. Ensure you contact your local distributor or Commtest Support BEFORE shipping.

MORE: Click here to learn about the available calibration options.

TIP: The problem might be with a cable rather than your instrument - Click here to learn how to test your cables for faults.

General Enquiries

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New Zealand
Head Office

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Vibration Monitoring Solutions

GE Commtest portable solutions include data collectors, vibration analyzers, and balancers. Flex feature upgrades and a remote communications system are also available. Find out more >> 
Our permanent online solutions include the GE Commtest vbOnline permanently mounted vibration data collection system and the Bently Nevada 1900/65A online machinery protection system. Find out more >> 
Our wireless solutions include the GE Commtest Ranger Wireless System. Find out more >> 
Ascent provides comprehensive data analysis and archiving capabilities that are integral to the Commtest vbSeries instruments, vbOnline monitors, and the Ranger wireless system  Find out more >> 

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Find the latest available versions of Commtest and associated software.
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Latest Software

Tech Support

When you purchase a Commtest product, it includes free lifetime email and phone support. Additionally a wide range of support material is also available, including FAQs. There is also a Training section which includes Product Guides, Hot Topics, and more.

More Support Resources

Commtest Distributors

You can find Commtest distributors all over the world. Simply contact the distributor closest to you: